Secondment Deakin University

By Christopher Gradwohl on March 28th, 2024

The following results can be published in terms of my secondment to Deakin University:

Collaborated publication (autumn 2024 in a planned Springer open access format) with Deakin University's School of Engineering focusing on smart energy management systems, with an emphasis on utilizing heat pumps and energy storage systems for load shifting. Additionally, work on strategies to test and validate algorithms in a comprehensive power systems hardware-in-the-loop lab environment. The following Persons will be included: Thomas Kienberger (MUL), Shama Islam (Deakin), Ameen Gargoom (Deakin)

Enhanced awareness of SME5.0 due to several meetings (online and in personwith the electrical engineering group at Deakin School of Engineering.

Extended and shared knowledge on energy efficiency measures in industry with Samson Yu (Deakin), discuss Energy Management Systems and grid resilience topics with Shama Islam and Ameen Gargoom (Deakin)

Work on future collaboration with Deakins incubator and manufacturing innovation hub ManuFutures (with Sameer Deshpande) in terms of finding current trends and challenges in industry to progress and adopt modern technologies to align with Industry 5.0, together with Anika Terbuch (MUL) and Michaela Golser (Unibiz)

A summary of these activities can also be found in my Linkedin post: