We proudly present SME 5.0, an EU funded Flag of European Union pioneering global research academic endeavor empowering small and medium enterprises, shaping the future of business through intelligent, sustainable, and human-centered solutions, building upon the success of the SME 4.0 project.

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  • Secondment Deakin University

    By Christopher Gradwohl on March 28th, 2024

    The following results can be published in terms of my secondment to Deakin University: Collaborated publication (autumn 2024 in a planned Springer open access format) with Deakin University's School of Engineering focusing on smart energy management systems, with an emphasis on utilizing heat pumps and energy storage systems for load shifting. Additionally, work on strategies to test and validate algorithms in a comprehensive power systems hardware-in-the-loop lab environment. The following Persons will be included: Thomas Kienberger (MUL), Shama Islam (Deakin), Ameen Gargoom (Deakin) Enhanced awareness of SME5.0 due to several meetings (online and in personwith the electrical engineering group at Deakin School of Engineering. Extended and shared knowledge on energy efficiency measures in industry with Samson Yu (Deakin), discuss Energy Management Systems and grid resilience topics with Shama Islam and Ameen Gargoom (Deakin) Work on future collaboration with Deakins incubator and manufacturing innovation hub ManuFutures (with Sameer Deshpande) in terms of finding current trends and challenges in industry to progress and adopt modern technologies to align with Industry 5.0, together with Anika Terbuch (MUL) and Michaela Golser (Unibiz)

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  • Medical laboratory visit in USAL main building

    By Tanel Aruväli on March 25th, 2024

    Together with prof. Sergio Salimbeni and Leila Zare, we visited medical laboratory where tests with the biofilms are made. We were hosted by Dr. Alicia Farinati who introduced her experiments and gave us insights to biofilm use in medicine. In collaboration with industrial engineering and medical engineering, they have interdisciplinary research in USAL to use biofilm in industry for creating better working environment by capturing contamination particles from the air in the industrial companies.

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  • Exploring the UTS Tech Lab

    By Michaela Golser on March 22nd, 2024

    As part of the EU-funded SME5.0 project, Michaela Golser from the Free University of Bolzano recently visited the UTS Tech Lab in Sydney. Guided by the esteemed Professor Andrea Trianni, Deputy Head of School (Research) at UTS, Michaela delved into cutting-edge labs including the Algae Lab and the world's first 5G-connected digital microbrewery. Within the hallowed halls of the Algae Lab, innovation was in action. This is where the convergence of science and sustainability takes centre stage. Working with Young Henrys, an independent beer brand, and UTS' Climate Change Cluster (C3), they are exploring the fascinating world of algae and offsetting CO2 emissions through algae-based brewing. Developed in partnership with Nokia, the world's first 5G-connected digital microbrewery combines tradition with technology. A cloud-based digital twin ensures precision brewing, while the private 5G wireless network captures real-time production data. During her visit, Michaela had stimulating discussions with researchers Victor Hernandez Moreno and Filipe Moraes. Victor, an experienced researcher in applied robotics and data science, shared his insights on improving productivity in manufacturing. Filipe's expertise in eco-design and LCA approaches sparked curiosity and laid the groundwork for future collaborations and joint research efforts.

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  • Presentation to Buenos Aires province SME association representatives

    By Tanel Aruväli on March 21st, 2024

    I gave a presentation to Buenos Aires region SME industrial company managers. I introduced new technologies and applications for inclusiveness at workplaces and trends in digital automation. Later, the slides of my presentation were asked which I shared with them.

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