Exploring the UTS Tech Lab

By Michaela Golser on March 22nd, 2024

As part of the EU-funded SME5.0 project, Michaela Golser from the Free University of Bolzano recently visited the UTS Tech Lab in Sydney. Guided by the esteemed Professor Andrea Trianni, Deputy Head of School (Research) at UTS, Michaela delved into cutting-edge labs including the Algae Lab and the world's first 5G-connected digital microbrewery.

Within the hallowed halls of the Algae Lab, innovation was in action. This is where the convergence of science and sustainability takes centre stage. Working with Young Henrys, an independent beer brand, and UTS' Climate Change Cluster (C3), they are exploring the fascinating world of algae and offsetting CO2 emissions through algae-based brewing.

Developed in partnership with Nokia, the world's first 5G-connected digital microbrewery combines tradition with technology. A cloud-based digital twin ensures precision brewing, while the private 5G wireless network captures real-time production data.

During her visit, Michaela had stimulating discussions with researchers Victor Hernandez Moreno and Filipe Moraes. Victor, an experienced researcher in applied robotics and data science, shared his insights on improving productivity in manufacturing. Filipe's expertise in eco-design and LCA approaches sparked curiosity and laid the groundwork for future collaborations and joint research efforts.