Workshop during TUM-PFW secondment)

By Marc Wegmann on December 12th, 2023

Marc Wegmann from TUM visited Prof. David Cochran from PFW from the beginning of November until mid of December 2023. The activities carried out during the secondment included the work on a design decomposition for Industry 5.0 and the preperation of a questionnaire that will be sent out and analyzed within the stakeholder network of SME 5.0. Additionally, Marc Wegmann together with his colleagues and Prof. Cochran hold an industry workshop (mainly SMEs) in West Lafayett regarding the implementation barriers of Industry 5.0.

The workshop included the provision of an overview of the Industry 5.0 pillars. Afterwards, the participants derived use cases in the field of Industry 5.0 based on their company experiences. A structured brainstorming emphasizing the underlying problem statement, the technical solution, the value proposition and the system barriers was used. For selected use cases, implementation barriers were identified by the participants. These barriers were identified by providing the framework of an Ishikawa diagram. In the afternoon of the workshop, the participants got to know the smart manufacturing labs of Purdue University in West Layafette to experience som of the discussed use cases in a real world application. The workshop serves as a pilot workshop that will be carried out with other partners in the future.