Visiting companies throughout Thailand

By Florian Ried on November 9th, 2023

Last week I joined Asst.-Prof. @Korrakot Tippayawong, Asst.-Prof. @Chawis Boonmee, and @Rattapol Pinnaratip, PhD as well as third-year engineering students from @Chiang Mai University on a four-day excursion throughout Thailand, visiting six companies across different industries. Observing these companies through the lens of our EU-funded SME 5.0 project, we gained valuable insights into the status quo of their manufacturing and logistics processes.

I was deeply impressed by the companies' effort and commitment promoting intelligent, sustainable and human-centric solutions. However, we were also able to identify further potential. To support SMEs reaching this untapped potential, we are working on the SME 5.0 strategic roadmap, now also including the experiences I made last week. A big thank you to the team at @Chiang Mai University for organizing the trip and inviting me to join as well as to the companies for showing us around answering our questions!

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