Research Conference

By Sergio Salimbeni on November 2nd, 2023

On November 2, the Science and Technology Research Conferences were held, which were intended to communicate the progress of the research carried out by the Science and Technology Research Institute of the Faculty of Engineering. The Conference was held in virtual mode, and special guests, researchers, professors and students participated.

The Dean of the Faculty, Eng. Marcelo Zanitti gave the opening speech. The activity was coordinated by the Director of the Institute of Science and Technology, Eng. Sergio Salimbeni, and in the exhibition and reflection space eight important works for the Research Institute were presented:

Juan José Grassi: Implication of the massive use of the electric car in Argentina.

Adrián Bender: Automatic Generation of Software Code through Pre-Trained Language Models from the Spanish Language.

Sergio Salimbeni: The intelligent SME in the circular economy.

Guillermo Chinni: Application of emerging technologies in remote sensors to monitor environmental variables. Exposure to technology in the post-pandemic: given the need to moderate its use to prevent risks of addictions, disorders and associated diseases.

Jorge Esteban Eterovic: Study of the cryptological properties of Smart Non-Fungible Tokens to secure Internet of Things devices. Marcelo José Cipriano and Luis Antonio Torres: Light Cryptography and Cybersecurity applied to Cyber-Physical Systems.

Ana María López: Impact of continuous improvement methodologies on the reduction of non-quality costs (COPQ) in small and medium-sized companies.