Companies and Values

By Sergio Salimbeni on October 27th, 2023

“Artificial intelligence and human work. The technological revolution that is coming”, was the focus of the sixth meeting of the “Businesses and Values” Cycle, which took place on October 17 in the Rectorate of our University.

Alejandro Rabboni, Services Sales Director Southern Cone of Avaya, participated in the conversation, with extensive experience in telecommunications, product management and sales of services in the region and who leads a team of 250 engineers dedicated to the development of artificial intelligence, such as the humanoid robot BitBot ; Bruno di Grigoli, with more than 18 years of experience in public organizations, private companies and educational institutions and Managing Director Europe & Country Manager Spain of “Avalith”, an Argentine computer company, member of the Business Council of the Business School, which deploys its production to Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, the United States, Spain and other European countries and Sergio Salimbeni, who with more than 20 years in Industrial and Management Engineering, Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0, is Director of the Institute of Science and Technology of from the USAL Faculty of Engineering and has led highly complex projects in national and international companies. … For his part, Sergio Salimbeni highlighted that “the concept of artificial intelligence was used 80 years ago, but the novelty is innovation”: it is one of the exponential technologies that doubles its capacity annually.

"Since 2014 at our University of Salvador we have been working on this issue, seeking to complement the human being instead of replacing it." He highlighted the work together with the Faculty of Medicine “in the development of prostate cancer detection devices using artificial intelligence.” He also shared that the University is part, along with 15 universities from the 5 continents, of an International Research Project in Artificial Intelligence that seeks to empower SMEs and is based on the reflection that “industry 4.0 had stopped side two central aspects: the circular economy and sustainability, and putting the human being at the center of technological developments, an approach that is giving rise to industry 5.0.”