SME 5.0 - Research cooperation across continents

By Florian Ried on October 2nd, 2023

@Florian Ried from @TUM fml – future.meets.logistics started his secondment at @Chiang Mai University, Thailand this week. Joining the team at CMU, including Asst.-Prof. @Chawis Boonmee, Asst.-Prof. @Korrakot Tippayawong, and Assoc.-Prof. @Sakgasem Ramingwong, he is going to work on the EU-funded SME 5.0 project, developing a strategic roadmap towards the next level of intelligent, sustainable and human-centred SME.

The challenges SME face across different economic environments and cultures vary greatly and need to be addressed accordingly. One of SEM 5.0’s goals is to collect, analyse, and evaluate these factors to consider them in the development of the strategic roadmap. #SME50 #horizoneurope #CMU #fml