SME 5.0 collaborates with EE4M Erasmus CoVE project

By Erwin Rauch on August 21st, 2023

SME 5.0 has started a collaboration with the EU-funded project EE4M-Engineering Excellence in Mobility Value Chains. Project leader and Principal Investigator of EE4M, Dr. Manuel Woschank, is not only a member of the SME 5.0 consortium, but also plays a leading role in work packages and tasks. "Based on the EU project SME 4.0, the implementation of new technologies in small and medium-sized enterprises has already been dealt with intensively.

Now, with SME 5.0, the human factor is increasingly taking center stage in research and practice. This also results in the need to adapt training and further education. Both projects want to work together on this topic and complement each other in terms of activities, events and dissemination.

Following a link to Science Austria explaining the synergies between the projects: