Industrial Transformation Platform Researchers Network

By Salinee Santiteerakul on April 28th, 2023

Attending the Industrial Transformation Platform Researchers Network at KTH Stockholm.

Objective: The meeting aimed to foster networking among KTH researchers and professionals dedicated to sustainable and CO2-neutral business transformation.

Overview: The Industrial Transformation Platform Researcher Network meeting provided a platform for interdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration. The event focused on sustainability, digitalization, innovation, and manufacturing, aligning with the goals of the SME 5.0 Project.

Key Highlights:

Networking Lunch: The event commenced with a networking lunch at Syster O Bror restaurant, facilitating informal discussions and connections among participants.

Researcher of the Week Feature: Sara Linderson, an Industrial PhD candidate, was featured as the Researcher of the Week. Participants had the opportunity to contribute to this initiative, enhancing their visibility within the academic and industrial community.

Interactive Discussions: Post-lunch, the event continued at KTH Innovation, where attendees engaged in discussions on various topics related to industrial transformation. These discussions were instrumental in sharing insights and perspectives from different fields.

Opportunities for Collaboration: The event provided a unique opportunity for attendees to extend their research networks and explore potential collaborations, particularly in areas focusing on sustainability and digital transformation in manufacturing.


Strengthened connections between researchers and professionals across different disciplines. Enhanced understanding of the challenges and opportunities in sustainable industrial transformation. Identification of potential areas for collaboration and research development within the SME 5.0 Project framework.

Conclusion: The Industrial Transformation Platform Researcher Network meeting was a successful event, offering valuable opportunities for networking, knowledge exchange, and collaboration.