Company visit

By Rungchat Chompu-inwai on April 12th, 2023

During their secondment from 3rd April 2023 – 18th May 2023 at the Free University of Bolzano, Rungchat Chompu-inwai and Trasapong Thaiupathump from Chiang Mai University, together with Professor Rauch Erwin and his students from the Free University of Bolzano visited the company GKN SINTER METALS on April 12, 2023 from 1-5 pm.

GKN SINTER METALS is the world's leading manufacturer of precision powder metal products, sintered structural parts, porous products and filters, sub-assemblies, soft magnetic components, and e-motor solutions.

In addition to listening to information about the company from company executives, visitors to the company also got to see the production process in detail. However, visitors are not allowed to take photos inside the company.