• /images/events/2024-03-28-secondment-deakin-university/1.jpg

    Secondment Deakin University

    By Christopher Gradwohl on Mar 28th, 2024

    The following results can be published in terms of my secondment to Deakin University: Collaborated publication (autumn 2024 in a planned Springer open access format) with Deakin University's School of Engineering focusing on smart energy management systems, with an emphasis on utilizing heat pumps and energy storage systems for load shifting. Additionally, work on strategies to test and validate algorithms in a comprehensive power systems hardware-in-the-loop lab environment. The following Persons will be included: Thomas Kienberger (MUL), Shama Islam (Deakin), Ameen Gargoom (Deakin) Enhanced awareness of SME5.0 due to several meetings (online and in personwith the electrical engineering group at Deakin School of Engineering. Extended and shared knowledge on energy efficiency measures in industry with Samson Yu (Deakin), discuss Energy Management Systems and grid resilience topics with Shama Islam and Ameen Gargoom (Deakin) Work on future collaboration with Deakins incubator and manufacturing innovation hub ManuFutures (with Sameer Deshpande) in terms of finding current trends and challenges in industry to progress and adopt modern technologies to align with Industry 5.0, together with Anika Terbuch (MUL) and Michaela Golser (Unibiz)

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  • /images/events/2024-03-25-medical-laboratory-visit/1.jpg

    Medical laboratory visit in USAL main building

    By Tanel Aruväli on Mar 25th, 2024

    Together with prof. Sergio Salimbeni and Leila Zare, we visited medical laboratory where tests with the biofilms are made. We were hosted by Dr. Alicia Farinati who introduced her experiments and gave us insights to biofilm use in medicine. In collaboration with industrial engineering and medical engineering, they have interdisciplinary research in USAL to use biofilm in industry for creating better working environment by capturing contamination particles from the air in the industrial companies.

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  • /images/events/2024-03-22-exploring-uts-tech-lab/1.jpg

    Exploring the UTS Tech Lab

    By Michaela Golser on Mar 22nd, 2024

    As part of the EU-funded SME5.0 project, Michaela Golser from the Free University of Bolzano recently visited the UTS Tech Lab in Sydney. Guided by the esteemed Professor Andrea Trianni, Deputy Head of School (Research) at UTS, Michaela delved into cutting-edge labs including the Algae Lab and the world's first 5G-connected digital microbrewery. Within the hallowed halls of the Algae Lab, innovation was in action. This is where the convergence of science and sustainability takes centre stage. Working with Young Henrys, an independent beer brand, and UTS' Climate Change Cluster (C3), they are exploring the fascinating world of algae and offsetting CO2 emissions through algae-based brewing. Developed in partnership with Nokia, the world's first 5G-connected digital microbrewery combines tradition with technology. A cloud-based digital twin ensures precision brewing, while the private 5G wireless network captures real-time production data. During her visit, Michaela had stimulating discussions with researchers Victor Hernandez Moreno and Filipe Moraes. Victor, an experienced researcher in applied robotics and data science, shared his insights on improving productivity in manufacturing. Filipe's expertise in eco-design and LCA approaches sparked curiosity and laid the groundwork for future collaborations and joint research efforts.

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  • /images/events/2024-03-21-buenos-aires-presentation/1.jpg

    Presentation to Buenos Aires province SME association representatives

    By Tanel Aruväli on Mar 21st, 2024

    I gave a presentation to Buenos Aires region SME industrial company managers. I introduced new technologies and applications for inclusiveness at workplaces and trends in digital automation. Later, the slides of my presentation were asked which I shared with them.

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  • /images/events/2024-03-21-sme- companies-workshop/1.jpg

    Workshop for SME companies

    By Tanel Aruväli on Mar 21st, 2024

    I gave a presentation to manufacturing partitioners in the SME5.0 workshop held on the Pilar campus. Additionally, some students were invited to listen. The presentation introduced the selection of the latest technologies we are using in our laboratory and the applications we have created. After the presentations, we had a focus group discussion with industry representatives to know their opinions regarding enablers and barriers to sustainability in SME companies.

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  • /images/events/2024-03-21-uts-sydney-visit/1.jpg

    A Memorable Visit to UTS Sydney with Prof. Andrea Trianni

    By Michaela Golser on Mar 21st, 2024

    On a recent visit to the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) as part of the EU-funded SME5.0 project, Michaela Golser from the Free University of Bolzano was warmly welcomed by Prof. Andrea Trianni. Prof. Trianni is currently Deputy Head of Research at the School of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering within UTS. During the visit, Prof. Trianni graciously guided Michaela around the Institute, providing valuable insights into the latest developments and ongoing research projects. Discussions focused on potential collaboration opportunities and joint efforts to drive innovative solutions. The first-hand experience of interacting with Prof Trianni and exploring UTS left an indelible mark. Anticipation is high for future collaborations and breakthrough innovations!

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  • /images/events/2024-03-19-pilar-campus-lecture/1.jpg

    Lecture for master students at Pilar campus

    By Tanel Aruväli on Mar 19th, 2024

    I gave a lecture to nearly 300 information systems and industrial engineering master students in Universidad del Salvador. After the lecture, I had the queue of students in front of me to ask additional questions regarding the state of the art technologies in manufacturing.

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  • /images/events/2024-03-13-manufutures-at-deakin-university/1.jpg

    Visiting the ManuFutures at Deakin University

    By Golser, Michaela on Mar 13th, 2024

    Strengthening Collaborations for SME 5.0 Project: A Productive Meeting with Sameer Deshpande In a recent encounter at the ManuFutures facility, the vibrant minds of academia and industry converged to explore exciting opportunities. Driven by the shared vision of advancing Industry 5.0, the meeting was a pivotal moment for fostering collaboration. Mr Sameer Deshpande, the esteemed manager of ManuFutures, welcomed a distinguished group of professionals. Among them were representatives from leading European universities: Michaela Golser from the Free University of Bolzano, Anika Terbuch from Montanuniversität Leoben, and Christopher Gradwohl from the same institution. Their presence underscored the global reach of this initiative. The agenda was clear: strengthening ties between academia and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). As the SME 5.0 project gains momentum, these partnerships are crucial for driving innovation, knowledge exchange, and sustainable growth. The visit to the ManuFutures building was awe-inspiring. It is Australia’s unique advanced manufacturing innovation hub, located within the heart of Deakin’s Future Economy Precinct, that helps businesses to accelerate success through its unique facilities, programs and services. The state-of-the-art facilities, buzzing with research activity, left an indelible impression. Mr Deshpande and his dedicated research team graciously shared insights into their ongoing projects, sparking ideas for future collaborations.

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  • /images/events/2024-03-10-tn-news-article/1.jpg

    News article in a newspaper TN digital version

    By Tanel Aruväli on Mar 10th, 2024

    A news article “Industria 5.0: la sustentabilidad y el medio ambiente en el centro de la escena” regarding comments on Industry 5.0 sustainable technologies and principles was published in the most-read Argentinian newspaper TN digital version. The article was a collaboration of Prof. Sergio Salimbeni, Leila Zare and me. Link to the article:

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  • /images/events/2024-03-07-USAL-guest-lecture/1.jpg

    Guest lecture in USAL

    By Tanel Aruväli on Mar 7th, 2024

    I gave a guest lecture for third-year bachelor students at the Pilar campus at Universidad del Salvador. The topic of my lecture was “Increasing Resilience in Manufacturing”. I introduced the ideas, research results, and hands-on experiences from my previous research project at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano in the Smart Mini Factory laboratory. I am glad that the students actively participated in the lecture answering my questions and they also had several questions for me. After the talk, they asked to take a photo together with me

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  • /images/events/2024-02-29-augmented-reality-manufacturing/1.jpg

    Augmented Reality in Manufacturing

    By Johannes Handler on Feb 29th, 2024

    During my time at Deakin University, I had the opportunity to explore various technologies that might be significant for the future of manufacturing. One particular technology I experienced hands-on was augmented reality. I had the chance to participated in a study on the use of augmented reality in manufacturing Ahmed Khafaga, a doctoral student in a joint program between Deakin University and Coventry University (England), is one of the researchers conducting the study. It focuses on utilizing Augmented Reality (AR) to aid human operators in industrial tasks like assembly, maintenance, or inspection. Its primary goals are to assess the impact of these technologies on the wellbeing and performance of human operators, aiming to foster a more human-centric approach in manufacturing design by enhancing human cognitive ergonomics. The project seeks to understand how AR can improve operator wellbeing and performance, with a particular emphasis on cognitive ergonomics, specifically mental workload and technology acceptance. By aiming for a reduced mental workload from a human-centric viewpoint, the research intends to inform future employers on how to optimize manual assembly designs to benefit operators. It was an interesting experience to be part of the study and to get a first-hand look at the state of the art of this technology. I'm looking forward to seeing the results of this research and it’s potential influence on future workplace designs.

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  • /images/events/2024-02-29-universidad-del-salvador-visit/1.jpg

    Pilar campus visit at Universidad del Salvador

    By Tanel Aruväli on Feb 29th, 2024

    Together with Prof Sergio Salimbeni and Leila Zare we visited the Universidad del Salvador main building and campus in Pilar. Campus with a relaxing atmosphere and the proximity of nature certainly has a good impact on students' creativity. We sightsee the Institute of Architecture, the main library, and spaces with multiple uses.

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  • /images/events/2024-02-02-AISA-VIC-Branch-Meeting/1.jpg

    AISA VIC Branch Meeting

    By Tanel Aruväli on Feb 2nd, 2024

    A meeting and networking event with interactive presentations and discussions with two guest speakers; Dr Paul Black, Post-Doctoral Researcher-Cyber Security, Federation University and James Spencer, Security Automation Engineer from Monash University. Dr Paul Black of the Internet Commerce Security Lab (ICSL) examines cybersecurity attack trends and operations, by examining the interaction between the user, the operating system and the attacker. James Spencer provided a thought provoking look at a continuum of attacks ranging from fraud to software exploitation, and how future attacks may be prevented using SOAR. This begs the question: do users need these dangerous permissions all the time, or just at a point in time when they actually need them? After the presentations, I had an interesting discussion regarding cyber security threats for mobile devices and the spread of phishing SMS-s in Australia. I was invited to the event by my co-host Dr. Jack Li at Deakin University

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  • /images/events/2024-01-23-Secondment-at-Deakin-University/1.jpg

    Secondment at Deakin University

    By Tanel Aruväli on Jan 23rd, 2024

    At Deakin University I collaborated with my main host Prof. Chang-Tsun Li at Waurn Ponds campus and my co-host Dr. Jack Li at Burwood campus. The focus of the collaboration was on interdisciplinary work in the domain of zero-trust in Industry5.0 manufacturing SMEs. During regular meetings, we identified the vulnerabilities that could be mitigated by applying the zero-trust concept in manufacturing.

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  • /images/events/2024-01-08-high-school-students-presentation/1.jpg

    SME 5.0 presentation for TFO high school students

    By Erwin Rauch on Jan 8th, 2024

    What does sustainability mean and how can SMEs in general and along the mobility value chain change their manufacturing and design processes towards a more circular, rather than linear, economy? This and much more has been discussed in a short lecture for 20 high school students of Technological highschool in Bruneck. Sttudents have been welcomed in the new Sustainable Manufacturing Lab of the faculty of Engineering, where Prof. Erwin Rauch hold a short lecture about Sustainability & Circular Economy. 'It is crucial for our students to explain already in this age what is the potential and what are possible measures for making SMEs more sustainable', so Sabine Schneider, teacher at the Technological High School of Brunico.

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  • /images/events/2024-01-06-Secondment-Guest-lecture/1.jpg

    Secondment: Guest lecture

    By Jona Rief on Jan 6th, 2024

    Last saturday was my last day at Chiang Mai University and I gave a presentation to the students about the project #SME5.0 and my PhD project on standardizing miniload warehouses. It was great to see their interest and curiosity about these topics. I want to thank Asst.-Prof. Korrakot Tippayawong, Asst.-Prof. Chawis Boonmee and the whole Department of Industrial Engineering for their support and hospitality during my stay here. You guys are awesome! I will miss you all and hope to see you again soon!

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  • /images/events/2023-12-14-tum-pfw-secondment/1.jpg

    Secondment TUM-PFW

    By Marc Wegmann on Dec 14th, 2023

    Marc Wegmann from TUM visited Prof. David Cochran from PFW from the beginning of November until mid of December 2023. The activities carried out during the secondment included the work on a design decomposition for Industry 5.0 and the preperation of a questionnaire that will be sent out and analyzed within the stakeholder network of SME 5.0. Additionally, Marc Wegmann together with his colleagues and Prof. Cochran hold an industry workshop (mainly SMEs) in West Lafayett regarding the implementation barriers of Industry 5.0.

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  • /images/events/2023-12-12-SMART-Labs-Tour/1.jpg

    SMART Labs Tour

    By Sarah Wagner on Dec 12th, 2023

    Purdue University invited all those attending the SME5.0 Workshop to visit the SMART Labs located on the West Lafayette campus. From intelligent process technology and assembly innovations (robots, camera systems, etc.) to an electrical engineering learning environment, it was all there. The high TRL level fascinated all participants and allowed them to easily transfer the results to their own use cases. We'd like to thank Prof. Duane Dunlap, Prof. David Cochran and Tim Updike for making it possible for us to enjoy this exciting Lab Tour.

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  • /images/events/2023-12-12-Secondment-Arrival-at-CMU/1.jpg

    Secondment: Arrival at CMU

    By Jona Rief on Dec 12th, 2023

    This week, our colleague Jona Rief has begun his secondment at Chiang Mai University, Thailand. He will be working with the team at CMU, which includes Asst.-Prof. Chawis Boonmee, Asst.-Prof. Korrakot Tippayawong, and Assoc.-Prof. Sakgasem Ramingwong. Jona's secondment is part of the #SME5.0 project, which the EU funds. The project aims to help SMEs transition to Industry 5.0, the next level of intelligent, sustainable, and human-centered production. The project involves building a network, researching, developing tools, creating guidelines, and providing recommendations for SMEs and stakeholders.

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  • /images/events/2023-12-12-tum-pfw-secondment-workshop/1.jpg

    Workshop during TUM-PFW secondment)

    By Marc Wegmann on Dec 12th, 2023

    Marc Wegmann from TUM visited Prof. David Cochran from PFW from the beginning of November until mid of December 2023. The activities carried out during the secondment included the work on a design decomposition for Industry 5.0 and the preperation of a questionnaire that will be sent out and analyzed within the stakeholder network of SME 5.0. Additionally, Marc Wegmann together with his colleagues and Prof. Cochran hold an industry workshop (mainly SMEs) in West Lafayett regarding the implementation barriers of Industry 5.0. The workshop included the provision of an overview of the Industry 5.0 pillars. Afterwards, the participants derived use cases in the field of Industry 5.0 based on their company experiences. A structured brainstorming emphasizing the underlying problem statement, the technical solution, the value proposition and the system barriers was used. For selected use cases, implementation barriers were identified by the participants. These barriers were identified by providing the framework of an Ishikawa diagram. In the afternoon of the workshop, the participants got to know the smart manufacturing labs of Purdue University in West Layafette to experience som of the discussed use cases in a real world application. The workshop serves as a pilot workshop that will be carried out with other partners in the future.

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  • /images/events/2023-12-10-winter-secondment-purdue-university/1.jpg

    Winter-Secondment at Purdue University (USA)

    By Sarah Wagner on Dec 10th, 2023

    North America in the winter - isn't that boring? Purdue University and Fort Wayne proved me wrong. Even in winter, there is plenty to do at the university and in the city near Chicago. During my secondment, I worked with Professor David Cochran, Head of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, to research barriers to Industry 5.0 implementation. Despite the colder days, we organized workshops and exchanged ideas in person on how to capture the concepts of Industry 5.0 in a system design composition - no hibernation for the European research project SME 5.0! Besides research, Fort Wayne has a lot to offer in winter: the white snow on the roofs of the colorful houses, Indiana's largest drive-through light display, the botanical garden with winter plants like the poinsettia, the fireworks on New Year's Eve, and finally the numerous parks decorated in the winter evening sun, like the Promenade Park in the attached picture. An experience report by Sarah Wagner from iwb at the Technical University of Munich

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  • /images/events/2023-12-09-matteo-podrecca-secondment/1.jpg

    Dr. Matteo Podrecca secondment at Deakin University

    By Matteo Podrecca on Dec 9th, 2023

    From October 24, 2023, to December 9, 2023, Dr. Matteo Podrecca, a postdoctoral researcher from the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy, was at Deakin University, working in collaboration with Professor Sam Tavassoli. During his stay, Dr. Podrecca dedicated his efforts to the Work Package 5, 'Requirements for Sustainable SME Factories,' concentrating on Task 5.1, 'Requirements and Barriers for Environmental Sustainability.' His work primarily involved conducting a detailed patent analysis, aimed at understanding the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in assisting companies to enhance the sustainability of their activities. In addition to his research, Dr. Podrecca actively participated in various academic activities at Deakin University, including attending meetings and delivering a seminar. This experience provided him with numerous opportunities for networking and laid the foundation for future collaborative efforts.

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  • /images/events/2023-12-03-sme-secondment-in-montanuniversitat/1.jpg

    SME 5.0 – (SMES) The secondment in Montanuniversität, Leoben


    SME 5.0 – A Strategic Roadmap towards the Next Level of Intelligent, Sustainable, and Human–Centred (SMEs). I went to Montanuniversität, Leoben, for secondment from 15 March to 15 June 2023. My research is about productivity improvement and machine learning for SMEs. My scope of the research is relevant to the increased profit for entrepreneurs in the agriculture field, for example, i)Improve the coffee production performance via integrated lean and automated mechanization techniques, ii)Forecast Arabica Coffee Yields by Auto-Regressive Integrated Moving Average and Machine Learning and iii) Design Coffee Supply Chain Strategy Using Business Model Canvas and Axiomatic Design to Improve Profitability.

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  • /images/events/2023-11-28-manuel-woschank-interview/1.jpg

    Interview of Dr. Manuel Woschank (MUL)

    By Erwin Rauch on Nov 28th, 2023

    On November 28, SPIRIT Styria published an interview with Dr. Manuel Woschank from the Montanuniversität Leoben, in which Dr. Woschank talks about his work as a researcher and lecturer. In his detailed interview, he also talks about the predecessor project SME 4.0 and how SME 5.0 can now bring the latest aspects of intelligent, sustainable, resilient and human-centered SME companies into the world and how international cooperation works at the highest level. Link:

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  • /images/events/2023-11-28-research-seminar-deakin-university/1.jpg

    Research seminar by Dr. Matteo Podrecca at Deakin University

    By Matteo Podrecca on Nov 28th, 2023

    On November 28, 2023, during his secondment at Deakin University, Matteo Podrecca, a postdoctoral researcher from the Free University of Bolzano, held a research seminar. In this well-attended event, Dr. Podrecca introduced himself, providing insights into his academic background, areas of expertise, and articles he is working on. Moreover, Dr. Podrecca took this opportunity to present the project SME 5.0, elaborating on its scope, objectives, and funding. The seminar served as an excellent platform for networking. It facilitated a valuable exchange of ideas with professors, fellow researchers, and doctoral students from Deakin University. The positive turnout and the engaging discussions that followed highlighted the success of the event as a fruitful avenue for potential collaborations.

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  • /images/events/2023-11-23-research-team-meeting/1.jpg

    Meeting with the IDICyT Young Researchers team

    By Sergio Salimbeni on Nov 23rd, 2023

    On Thursday, November 23, a working meeting was held with the team of Young Researchers of the IDICyT (Institute for Research in Science and Technology) of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Salvador (USAL). This team is made up of students from the Industrial Engineering majors and the Bachelor's degrees in Computer Science and Information Systems. During the meeting, details were shared about the progress of work package WP4.1 of the SME5.0 Marie-Curie project, “Barriers and Requirements of SMEs for the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence in manufacturing lines.” At this meeting, an evaluation of the progress of the Institute's different projects was also carried out and ideas were generated about new applied research work for next year's call. The benefits of interfaculty work were also discussed, highlighting the current cooperation with the Faculties of Medicine, Psychology and Psychopedagogy, Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences and Educational Sciences and Social Communication and the Bachelor's degree in Environmental Sciences.

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  • /images/events/2023-11-09-visiting-thai-companies/1.jpg

    Visiting companies throughout Thailand

    By Florian Ried on Nov 9th, 2023

    Last week I joined Asst.-Prof. @Korrakot Tippayawong, Asst.-Prof. @Chawis Boonmee, and @Rattapol Pinnaratip, PhD as well as third-year engineering students from @Chiang Mai University on a four-day excursion throughout Thailand, visiting six companies across different industries. Observing these companies through the lens of our EU-funded SME 5.0 project, we gained valuable insights into the status quo of their manufacturing and logistics processes. I was deeply impressed by the companies' effort and commitment promoting intelligent, sustainable and human-centric solutions. However, we were also able to identify further potential. To support SMEs reaching this untapped potential, we are working on the SME 5.0 strategic roadmap, now also including the experiences I made last week. A big thank you to the team at @Chiang Mai University for organizing the trip and inviting me to join as well as to the companies for showing us around answering our questions! #SME50 #horizoneurope #CMU #fml #futuremeetslogistics

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  • /images/events/2023-11-02-research-conference/1.jpg

    Research Conference

    By Sergio Salimbeni on Nov 2nd, 2023

    On November 2, the Science and Technology Research Conferences were held, which were intended to communicate the progress of the research carried out by the Science and Technology Research Institute of the Faculty of Engineering. The Conference was held in virtual mode, and special guests, researchers, professors and students participated. The Dean of the Faculty, Eng. Marcelo Zanitti gave the opening speech. The activity was coordinated by the Director of the Institute of Science and Technology, Eng. Sergio Salimbeni, and in the exhibition and reflection space eight important works for the Research Institute were presented: Juan José Grassi: Implication of the massive use of the electric car in Argentina. Adrián Bender: Automatic Generation of Software Code through Pre-Trained Language Models from the Spanish Language. Sergio Salimbeni: The intelligent SME in the circular economy. Guillermo Chinni: Application of emerging technologies in remote sensors to monitor environmental variables. Exposure to technology in the post-pandemic: given the need to moderate its use to prevent risks of addictions, disorders and associated diseases. Jorge Esteban Eterovic: Study of the cryptological properties of Smart Non-Fungible Tokens to secure Internet of Things devices. Marcelo José Cipriano and Luis Antonio Torres: Light Cryptography and Cybersecurity applied to Cyber-Physical Systems. Ana María López: Impact of continuous improvement methodologies on the reduction of non-quality costs (COPQ) in small and medium-sized companies.

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  • /images/events/2023-10-27-companies-and-values/1.jpg

    Companies and Values

    By Sergio Salimbeni on Oct 27th, 2023

    'Artificial intelligence and human work. The technological revolution that is coming', was the focus of the sixth meeting of the 'Businesses and Values' Cycle, which took place on October 17 in the Rectorate of our University. Alejandro Rabboni, Services Sales Director Southern Cone of Avaya, participated in the conversation, with extensive experience in telecommunications, product management and sales of services in the region and who leads a team of 250 engineers dedicated to the development of artificial intelligence, such as the humanoid robot BitBot ; Bruno di Grigoli, with more than 18 years of experience in public organizations, private companies and educational institutions and Managing Director Europe & Country Manager Spain of 'Avalith', an Argentine computer company, member of the Business Council of the Business School, which deploys its production to Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, the United States, Spain and other European countries and Sergio Salimbeni, who with more than 20 years in Industrial and Management Engineering, Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0, is Director of the Institute of Science and Technology of from the USAL Faculty of Engineering and has led highly complex projects in national and international companies. … For his part, Sergio Salimbeni highlighted that 'the concept of artificial intelligence was used 80 years ago, but the novelty is innovation': it is one of the exponential technologies that doubles its capacity annually. 'Since 2014 at our University of Salvador we have been working on this issue, seeking to complement the human being instead of replacing it.' He highlighted the work together with the Faculty of Medicine 'in the development of prostate cancer detection devices using artificial intelligence.' He also shared that the University is part, along with 15 universities from the 5 continents, of an International Research Project in Artificial Intelligence that seeks to empower SMEs and is based on the reflection that 'industry 4.0 had stopped side two central aspects: the circular economy and sustainability, and putting the human being at the center of technological developments, an approach that is giving rise to industry 5.0.'

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  • /images/events/2023-10-24-cirp-cms-conference-participation/1.jpg

    CIRP CMS conference participation

    By Luca Gualtieri on Oct 24th, 2023

    Dr. Luca Gualtieri had the chance to attend the 56th edition of the CIRP International Conference on Manufacturing Systems (CIRP CMS) from October 24th to 26th as a possibility given by the SME5.0 project. This was a valuable opportunity to discuss a range of topics related to the design of advanced and intelligent human-robot interactions and explore potential future opportunities with local and international academics and experts. The conference was partially organized by researchers from Stellenbosch University.

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  • /images/events/2023-10-21-industry-visit/1.jpg

    Industry visit

    By Philipp Miklautsch on Oct 21st, 2023

    In collaboration with the University of Stellenbosch, Philipp Miklautsch conducted an empirical research endeavor at the Koelenhof bottling and storage facility. This undertaking encompassed an in-depth interview with the Chief Executive Officer and a comprehensive scrutiny of the logistical procedures within the bottling establishment. The amassed dataset constitutes the foundational material for subsequent emission computations. These calculations are poised to delineate the carbon footprint associated with the transcontinental distribution of wine from South Africa to Europe.

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  • /images/events/2023-10-17-secondment/1.jpg

    Secondment at University of Malta

    By Jan Pitel on Oct 17th, 2023

    The main activities of the secondment at University of Malta: 1. Analysing possibilities for how digital technologies can empower workers to enhance safety and comfort (physical/cognitive ergonomics) within the concept of Industry 5.0. 2. Presentation and discussion with regular and Erasmus students on the topic of how artificial intelligence help can empower workers. 3. Meeting at the Seifert company on the topic of requirements and barriers regarding the sustainable factory SME 5.0. Results from secondment: Preparation of the article titled 'Digital Twin for Monitoring the Experimental Assembly Process Using RFID Technology' which will be submitted in 2024 year to the open-access journal Processes.

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  • /images/events/2023-10-16-seifert-company-visit/1.jpg

    Seifert company visit

    By Tibor Krenicky on Oct 16th, 2023

    Meeting of the secondees Prof. Jan Pitel and Assoc. Prof. Tibor Krenicky with the Seifert company representatives and employees was held at the factory plant, mainly on the topics regarding the requirements and barriers of the sustainable factory SME 5.0. Located in Birzebbuga Malta, the Seifert company operates within conditions that differ in various aspects regarding opportunities, needs and obstacles as compared with the SMEs that are located on a continent. The meeting was organized by Dr. Emmanuel Francalanza.

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  • /images/events/2023-10-12-lecture-in-master-unibz/1.jpg

    Lecture in Master UNIBZ

    By Sergio Salimbeni on Oct 12th, 2023

    Prof.Dr. Sergio Salimbeni, during his secondment at UNIBZ, taught a class titled 'Modeling and measuring energy uses in factories'. It was offered to students of the Master in Energy Engineering, as part of the course 'Applied Mechanics and Technologies for Energy Efficiency'. The agenda included: Exponential Technologies, Industry 4.0 and Industry 5.0, Computantionals Simulations, Digital Shadow and Digital Twin, IoT and IIoT, Sensors and Actuators and AI in Manufacturing. Two case studies were also presented.

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  • /images/events/2023-10-12-meeting-with-students/1.jpg

    Meeting with students

    By Tibor Krenicky on Oct 12th, 2023

    Within this meeting of the secondees with regular and Erasmus students at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Malta, a presentation on the topic of how artificial intelligence help can empower workers was given by Prof. Jan Pitel and Assoc. Prof. Tibor Krenicky. After the lecture part, an interesting discussion took a part, mainly regarding various aspects of how digital technologies within the concept of Industry 5.0 can empower workers to enhance their safety and comfort. The meeting was organized by Dr Emmanuel Francalanza in the lecture room of the Faculty.

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  • /images/events/2023-10-10-head-of-working-group/1.jpg

    Dr. Luca Gualtieri nominated Head of Working Group ofSIE

    By Erwin Rauch on Oct 10th, 2023

    Based on his expertise in the field of ergonomics and safety in industry and his previous and current work in the SME 4.0 and SME 5.0 projects, Assistant Prof. Dr. Luca Gualtieri has been appointed head of the new working group for Advanced Technologies for Ergonomics in Industry within SIE Italy. SIE is the National Italian Society of Ergonomics and Human Factors with several hundred members, including professionals, researchers and people interested in ergonomics and human factors in Italy. The new working group was presented at a workshop on 10 October 2023 in Bologna, in the context of the Saline Ambiente Lavoro 2023 Congress. Another great example how MSCA and our SME 5.0 project enables and accelerates careers of young scientists. Link:

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  • /images/events/2023-10-09-worcester-polytechnic-institute-secondment/1.jpg

    Secondment of Dr. Molinaro at Worcester Polytechnic Institute

    By Margherita Molinaro on Oct 9th, 2023

    From September 6, 2023 to October 9, 2023, Dr. Margherita Molinaro, assistant professor in Management Engineering at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy, spent a research period at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), collaborating with prof. Joseph Sarkis and prof. Christopher Brown. During the secondment, she carried out a research project aimed at exploring the relationship between circular economy practices and CO2 emissions using secondary data. This activity is associated to the Work Package 5 'Requirements for Sustainable SME Factories' of the SME5.0 project. Besides working on this project task, Dr. Molinaro also participated to meetings, events and lectures at WPI, networking with colleagues and laying the foundation for future collaborations.

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  • /images/events/2023-10-02-sme-research-cooperation/1.jpg

    SME 5.0 - Research cooperation across continents

    By Florian Ried on Oct 2nd, 2023

    @Florian Ried from @TUM fml – future.meets.logistics started his secondment at @Chiang Mai University, Thailand this week. Joining the team at CMU, including Asst.-Prof. @Chawis Boonmee, Asst.-Prof. @Korrakot Tippayawong, and Assoc.-Prof. @Sakgasem Ramingwong, he is going to work on the EU-funded SME 5.0 project, developing a strategic roadmap towards the next level of intelligent, sustainable and human-centred SME. The challenges SME face across different economic environments and cultures vary greatly and need to be addressed accordingly. One of SEM 5.0’s goals is to collect, analyse, and evaluate these factors to consider them in the development of the strategic roadmap. #SME50 #horizoneurope #CMU #fml

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  • /images/events/2023-10-02-working-in-noi/1.jpg

    Working in NOI, Brunico

    By Sergio Salimbeni on Oct 2nd, 2023

    During September and October 2023 secondment at UNIBZ, Dr. Sergio Salimbeni visited the NOI technology center in Brunico. He worked for a week on sustainability aspects in relation to Industry 5.0 factors. During the visit there was an excellent exchange of knowledge with the postdocs of said center.

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  • /images/events/2023-10-01-humans-and-environment/1.jpg

    Industry 5.0: humans and the environment at the center of digital transformation

    By Sergio Salimbeni on Oct 1st, 2023

    The project is called SME5.0, SME means SME in English, and is a strategic roadmap to the next level of smart, sustainable and people-centered SMEs. The project contains nine areas of study: analysis of requirements for future work in SMEs, for inclusion and diversity, to empower workers, for the implementation of artificial intelligence, biointelligence, cybersecurity and for environmental sustainability, resilience and analysis of ethics and value requirements for stakeholders. It was also defined that the applicability of the study results and guidelines be ensured through close collaboration with non-academic partners, with the aim of validating the results through demonstrations and case study investigations. Three companies and 13 universities from the following countries are participating: Germany, Australia, Austria, the United States, Slovakia, Italy, Malta, South Africa, Sweden, Thailand and Argentina, through our University, which is why I am currently in Bolzano. In the last ten years, many efforts have been made to transfer I4.0 from research to practice. Great progress has been made to also introduce SMEs to the use of I4.0. The next great challenge for them will be to implement the dual transformation, in the sense of a Digital Transformation towards smarter production, while addressing and accelerating the sustainability transformation to improve economically, socially and environmentally sustainable processes, factories and value chains. . In this project, we aim to take SMEs to the next level by developing a strategic roadmap to make them not only smart, but also sustainable, resilient and people-centric. This next level of SMEs will be driven by data and Artificial Intelligence, so they will use the available data to acquire new knowledge and apply it for optimization purposes using Artificial Intelligence safely. Furthermore, great attention is paid to how manufacturing and value chains in SMEs can become circular, green and resilient by considering ethical, human and social values for more socio-centric factories. In this next level of SME 5.0 factories, humans will play a much more important and changing role. SME workplaces will be more inclusive and diverse and they must be empowered to achieve greater well-being and make working in an SME more attractive.

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  • /images/events/2023-09-29-dr-molinaro-wpi-seminar/1.jpg

    Dr. Molinaro gave a seminar to PhD students of WPI

    By Margherita Molinaro on Sep 29th, 2023

    On September 29, 2023, during her secondment at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Dr. Margherita Molinaro, assistant professor in Management Engineering at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy, delivered the seminar 'Circular economy and climate change mitigation: do Reduce, Reuse and Recycle practices affect CO2 emissions?'. The seminar, organized within the 'PhD Seminar Series' of WPI, aimed at introducing the SME 5.0 project to the audience as well as presenting the preliminary results of the research study carried out by Dr. Molinaro and prof. Joseph Sarkis during her secondment at WPI.

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  • /images/events/2023-09-25-unibz-seminar/1.jpg

    Seminar in UNIBZ

    By Sergio Salimbeni on Sep 25th, 2023

    During the secondment at UNIBZ, Prof.Dr. Sergio Salimbeni explained to the SMF team the progress of the SME5.0 project in Argentina. The seminars and conferences in which USAL participated to that date were described, and the next steps by the Institute of Science and Technology of the USAL Faculty of Engineering were described. On this occasion, the particularities of the country and the profile of Argentine SMEs were also presented.

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  • /images/events/2023-09-20-industry50-italy/1.jpg

    USAL Industry 5.0 in Italy

    By Sergio Salimbeni on Sep 20th, 2023

    Continuing with its research work in 'Industry 5.0', and as part of the Marie-Curie SME5.0 Program, the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Salvador, represented by Eng. Sergio Salimbeni, Director of the Industrial Engineering and Director of the Institute of Science and Technology, is visiting the University of Bolzano – UNIBZ, Italy. The objective of this 30-day secondment plan is to deepen learning and experiences regarding the use of Cobots and Artificial Intelligence in small and medium-sized companies. The University of Bolzano is located at the crossroads between the German- and Italian-speaking economies and cultures. Its trilingualism in teaching and research, its high level of internationalization, as well as an ideal study environment guaranteed by its excellent facilities, are some of the reasons why UNIBZ regularly reaches the top positions in national and international rankings.

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  • /images/events/2023-09-20-sme50-partnering-with-epiem/1.jpg

    SME 5.0 is partnering with EPIEM

    By Erwin Rauch on Sep 20th, 2023

    SME 5.0 collaborates with EPIEM - European Professors of Industrial Engineering and Management. EPIEM is a growing Europe-wide network connecting researchers and professors at European universities in the academic IEM field. The aim of EPIEM is to initiate and promote collaboration between IEM academics across Europe to improve the field of IEM. Several members of SME 5.0 are members of EPIEM. Prof. Erwin Rauch, Dr. Manuel Woschank and EPIEM President Prof. Bernd Zunk are looking forward to joint activities between SME 5.0 and EPIEM. Several employees of EPIEM members have already been able to exchange experiences based on SME 5.0.

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  • /images/events/2023-09-19-sme50-apms-conference/1.jpg

    SME 5.0 at APMS 2023 Conference

    By Erwin Rauch in on Sep 19th, 2023

    From 17— 21 September 2023 the APMS 2023 IFIP International Conference on Advances in Production Management Systems took place in Trondheim, Norway. SME 5.0 organized a Special Session on

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  • /images/events/2023-09-18-company-visit/1.jpg

    Company Visit - Swees Plant Based Foods Co., Ltd.

    By Marco Berger on Sep 18th, 2023

    On September 18, I visited the company Swees Plant Based Foods Co., Ltd. located in Chiang Mai. Renowned as Thailand's leading producer of plant-based, vegan cheese, the company has been crafting its creations from organic soy since 2018. During an insightful tour, I was guided through diverse areas encompassing storage, production, R&D, and shipping. Following the tour, I engaged in a fruitful conversation with the owner, elucidating to him the objectives and methodology of the funded SME 5.0 project. Should the need arise, the owner expressed eagerness to serve as a research collaborator, particularly for activities such as interviews.

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  • /images/events/2023-09-12-visiting-the-ykk-plant/1.jpg

    Visiting the YKK plant in Pilar

    By Rudolf Grünbichler on Sep 12th, 2023

    Rudolf Grünbichler from the Institute of Business Economics and Industrial Sociology at Graz University of Technology visited together with Eng. Sergio Salimbeni from the University Del Salvador (USAL) in Buenos Aires the company YKK in the industrial park of Pilar on Tuesday 12 September. The company's area managers were present: Silvia Ortega, Enzo Sosa, Emilio Domínguez, Lorena Nokubi and Nicolás Barrionuevo. The meeting was accompanied by a representative of the Business Chamber of the Industrial Park, Eng. Tomás Tamaki. During the meeting, different aspects related to the adoption of Artificial Intelligence for the improvement of industrial processes were evaluated. After the meeting, a tour of the plant was carried out, evaluating the different possibilities of obtaining data for subsequent analysis and operational excellence. The visit is part of the international Marie-Curie SME5.0 project.

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  • /images/events/2023-09-08-usal-in-klinger-group/1.jpg

    USAL in Klinger Group

    By Sergio Salimbeni on Sep 8th, 2023

    Within the framework of the 'SME5.0 Marie-Curie International Research Project', the Science and Technology Research Institute of the Faculty of Engineering visited the Klinger industry plant on Friday, September 1. Mr. Rudolf Grünbichler, from the Graz University of Technology, Austria, was part of it, along with the Director of the USAL Science and Technology Research Institute, Sergio Salimbeni. They were received by the Manager of the Argentine Austrian Chamber of Commerce, Vanesa Tuñon, the CEO of the firm, Alberto Pinter, the Production Manager, Claudio Lazo and the Human Resources Manager, Carlos Rodio. During the meeting, a visit to the production lines was made and ideas were exchanged about possible alternatives for greater automation. The barriers and requirements for the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence for each of the phases of the company's value flow were also discussed. 'It is undoubtedly very valuable for us to have the opinion of researchers who are specialists in these topics and to be able to know the status of Industry 5.0 in Austria, the country of origin of our company,' said CEO Alberto Pinter. In the 1970s, the Klinger Group, of Austrian origin, installed its own rubber-bound compressed asbestos sheet factory in Garín, province of Buenos Aires. The production of industrial gaskets expanded in the 1980s. As part of its constant effort, Kindler expanded its position as a leading company in the supply of sealing materials, satisfying the demand needs for high-quality industrial gaskets in Argentine Industry

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  • /images/events/2023-09-04-sme-ai-incorporation/1.jpg

    Barriers and requirements for the incorporation of AI in SMEs

    By Sergio Salimbeni on Sep 4th, 2023

    The Faculty of Engineering continues to advance its study on 'Barriers and requirements for the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence in SMEs'. This research work is part of the SME5.0 project belonging to the 'Marie Curie Program'. It was on this occasion that the first meeting was held between the representatives of Argentina, Austria and Malta. Eng. Sergio Salimbeni, Rudolf Grünbichler and Dr. Emmanuel Francalanza were present. A work schedule was established and the dates of the next visits to each country were defined.

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  • /images/events/2023-09-03-stellenbosch-secondment/1.jpg

    Secondment PM Stellenbosch

    By Philipp Miklautsch on Sep 3rd, 2023

    September 2023 Secondment of Philipp Miklautsch from Leoben to Stellenbosch

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  • /images/events/2023-09-01-business-results-course-communication/1.jpg

    Teaching - Course 'Communication for Business Results'

    By Marco Berger on Sep 1st, 2023

    On September 1, 2023, I served as an external speaker in the course '703322 Communication for Business Results'. This course primarily focuses on communication in the context of innovative business development, corporate and team building, market analysis, competitive advantages, and the marketing mix. The students, divided into six groups, dedicated several weeks to crafting an innovative product and its corresponding business model. On September 1, they presented their business concept. As an external speaker, I assumed the role of a potential investor, raising probing questions about the product and business model. Furthermore, potential areas for improvement from a technical and economic standpoint were highlighted by me.

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  • /images/events/2023-09-01-visiting-klinger-industrie-plant/1.jpg

    Visiting Klinger-Industrie plant

    By Rudolf Grünbichler on Sep 1st, 2023

    As part of the 'SME5.0 Marie-Curie International Research Project', the Faculty of Engineering's Research Institute of Science and Technology conducted a visit to the Klinger-Industrie plant on Friday 1 September. Mr Rudolf Grünbichler from the Graz University of Technology, Austria, participated in the visit together with the Director of the USAL Research Institute of Science and Technology, Mr Sergio Salimbeni. They were received by the Executive Director of the Austro-Argentine Chamber of Commerce, Vanesa Tuñon, the company's Managing Director, Alberto Pinter, the Production Manager, Claudio Lazo, and the Human Resources Manager, Carlos Rodio. During the meeting, they visited the production lines and exchanged ideas about possible alternatives for further automation. They also discussed the obstacles and requirements for incorporating AI at each stage of the company's value stream.

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  • /images/events/2023-08-30-buenos-aires-sme-project/1.jpg

    Arrived in Buenos Aires for the SME 5.0 project

    By Rudolf Grünbichler on Aug 30th, 2023

    Rudolf Grünbichler (Institute of Business Economics and Industrial Sociology) has arrived at Universidad Del Salvador (USAL) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. During the stay, he is working on the SME 5.0 research project (funded by the European Union) on work package 4.1 with the topic of requirements and barriers of artificial intelligence for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). The SME 5.0 project is dedicated to developing a strategic roadmap to increase the competitiveness of SMEs in the areas of artificial intelligence, sustainability and human-centred approach. Together with Argentinean colleagues, the theoretical foundations are being laid and initial interviews conducted. Further information about the project can be found here. In addition, he holds seminars on artificial intelligence for Argentinean students.

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  • /images/events/2023-08-30-visiting-toyota-plant-zarate/1.jpg

    Visiting the Toyota plant in Zárate, Buenos Aires

    By Rudolf Grünbichler on Aug 30th, 2023

    On 30 August, researcher Rudolf Grünbichler from Graz University of Technology, Austria, visited the Toyota plant in the city of Zárate, Buenos Aires, together with the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at USAL, Marcelo Zanitti, the Director of the Institute for Research in Science and Technology and Head of the Industrial Engineering course, Sergio Salimbeni, and a group of students from the Faculty of Engineering. Mr Rudolf Grünbichler will spend a month working with the research team as part of the international SME5.0 project, which is part of the 'Marie Curie Programme' in which the Faculty of Engineering participates. This is a major EU research and innovation funding programme, the EU's flagship for doctoral and post-doctoral research training. It aims to strengthen the human potential in research and technology in Europe, both quantitatively and qualitatively, in order to equip researchers with new skills and a broader range of competences, to create attractive working conditions for researchers, to break down real and perceived barriers between academia and other sectors, in particular industry, and to promote industry involvement in doctoral and postdoctoral research.

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  • /images/events/2023-08-23-joursey-imm-farm-visit/1.jpg

    The Joursey - Imm Farm Visit

    By Marco Berger on Aug 23rd, 2023

    On August 23, I paid the 'The Joursey – Imm Farm' in Chiang Mai a visit. The Imm Farm is a dairy farm enterprise, specializing in the production of high-quality milk and an array of dairy delights, including yogurt and ice cream. Within the Imm Farm umbrella, the shop 'The Joursey' sells self-developed and -produced gelato ice cream. Engaging with the owner during the shop tour, we delved into insightful discussions about potential enhancements in the production of raw materials and shop marketing.

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  • /images/events/2023-08-21-sme50-erasmus-cove-project/1.jpg

    SME 5.0 collaborates with EE4M Erasmus CoVE project

    By Erwin Rauch on Aug 21st, 2023

    SME 5.0 has started a collaboration with the EU-funded project EE4M-Engineering Excellence in Mobility Value Chains. Project leader and Principal Investigator of EE4M, Dr. Manuel Woschank, is not only a member of the SME 5.0 consortium, but also plays a leading role in work packages and tasks. Based on the EU project SME 4.0, the implementation of new technologies in small and medium-sized enterprises has already been dealt with intensively. Now, with SME 5.0, the human factor is increasingly taking center stage in research and practice. This also results in the need to adapt training and further education. Both projects want to work together on this topic and complement each other in terms of activities, events and dissemination. Following a link to Science Austria explaining the synergies between the projects:

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  • /images/events/2023-08-20-wpi-secondment/1.jpg

    Secondment at WPI

    By Lars Jakobs on Aug 20th, 2023

    During his Secondment at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) as part of the SME 5.0 project, Lars Jakobs, a fellow researcher and PhD candidate at the Free University of Bolzano, delved into the development of the Stakeholder and Training Network, focusing on addressing diverse needs through Axiomatic Design. Immersed in various lectures and engaging discussions both with students from WPI and professors Chris Brown, he had the invaluable opportunity to apply Axiomatic Design to conceptualize the foundation of the network. Under the supervision of Professor Chris Brown, who has collaborated for years with the founder of Axiomatic Design, he gained a profound understanding of this innovative approach which played a pivotal role in systematically considering and addressing the multifaceted requirements of the different stakeholders within the SME 5.0 project. The insights acquired greatly contribute to the overall design and success of the Stakeholder and Training Network, empowering small and medium-sized enterprises towards their sustainable, intelligent, and human-centered transition.

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  • /images/events/2023-08-15-dryaibuathet-sme50-keynote-speech/1.jpg

    Dr. Yaibuathet gave SME 5.0 keynote speech to Thai SMEs

    By Sakgasem Ramingwong on Aug 15th, 2023

    Asst. Prof. Dr. Korrakot Y. Tippayawong gave SME 5.0 keynote speech to Thai SMEs during a Ministry of Industry conference. The event was held at Chiang Mai University Science and Techonolgy Park (CMU STeP) on August 15, 2023.

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  • /images/events/2023-08-08-boston-meeting-with-ptc/1.jpg

    New CAx - Meeting with PTC @ Boston

    By Christian Landschützer on Aug 8th, 2023

    Teaching CAx: Discussion and demonstration of CAx, AR and VR powered product development methods and their integration in modern teaching approaches. Special focus on maintenance within SMEs. Demonstration and hands-on PTC Vuforia Studio within industrial production ( and web-based CAD-solutions (PTC onshape: Exchange of TU Graz teaching activities and Life-Long-Learning programmes with special respect to integrated and web-based solutions as well as CAE potentialities. Discussion and hands-on as well as supporting activities from PTC to TU Graz (and the SME 5.0 project); transfer of teaching material from PTC to TU Graz.

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  • /images/events/2023-07-26-secondment-wpi/1.jpg

    Secondment WPI

    By Lars Jakobs on Jul 26th, 2023

    As part of the SME 5.0 project, Lars Jakobs, a research assistant and PhD candidate at the Free University of Bolzano, recently had the opportunity to visit the prestigious Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). During his stay, he focused on the development of a Stakeholder and Training Network. This network aims to empower small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with the insights gained from our project towards building a sustainable, intelligent, and human-centered industry. During his time at WPI, he engaged in in-depth knowledge exchange with students and professors, collaborating closely with Professor Chris Brown. This exchange allowed him to gain a deeper understanding of various aspects of American business and university systems, as well as the educational and innovation landscape. The diverse insights and input contribute significantly to the design of the stakeholder and training network and thus to the success of the project.

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  • /images/events/2023-07-12-Joint-Conference-Publication/1.jpg

    Joint Conference Publication

    By Matteo De Marchi on Jul 12th, 2023

    Following the secondment at the Malta University, a manuscript has been drafted with the intent to take part to the 17th CIRP Conference on Intelligent Computation in Manufacturing Engineering. Authors of the work have been me myself, Amberlynn Bonello, Emmanuel Francalanza, and Erwin Rauch. The paper has been presented by Prof. Emmanuel Francalanza in presence at the conference event. The abstract of the work is reported hereafter: 'The deployment of Digital Twins in the age of Industry 5.0 is shifting towards a more flexible, efficient, sustainable and human-centric approach; providing ample opportunities for the manufacturing field. Having said that, Digital Twins may prove time-consuming, infrastructure-demanding, and potentially overwhelming for hefty data acquisition within simultaneous. This is particularly possible if the manufacturing company in context is a Small-Medium Enterprise (SME). SMEs contribute around 85% of new vacancies in the European Union; yet are still siloed from exploiting the full potential of Industry 4.0 technologies, due to financial hurdles and a potential absence of guidance or awareness. This research work therefore contributes an exemplary digital twin targeted towards the needs of manufacturing SMEs in the light of Industry 5.0, allowing for real-time data retrieval from a UR collaborative robot, a 3D printer and a corresponding MQTT broker. Real-time visualization of parameters such as temperatures, voltages, errors and progress will thus assist SMEs towards adopting an optimal sustainable approach. This paper will therefore outline the methodology behind the development of the digital twin, which can then be modified to incorporate human factors and a more human-centered viewpoint.'

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  • /images/events/2023-07-10-sustainable-production-summer-school/1.jpg

    ÖWGP Summer School on Sustainable Production

    By Franz Haas on Jul 10th, 2023

    From 10 July to 14 July 2023, the ÖWGP (Austrian Scientific Association of Production Engineering) organised its first international summer school at the Technical Universities of Graz and Vienna. Lectures and presentations over five days were organised under the topic of 'Sustainable Production'. In the context of SME 5.0, issues such as energy efficiency, humans and labour, polymer technology and smart production were addressed in lectures and discussed in detail. Prof Franz Haas gave a lecture on data evaluation using edge computing and energy value analysis. The students (including those from SME 5.0 partner TUKE) developed concepts for saving energy in the production of a modern e-bike as part of a group study. An excursion to the HyCentA hydrogen research centre provided an insight into the world of hydrogen research relating to the production, distribution and use of hydrogen as an energy source in mobility and industry. But there was also plenty of opportunity to socialise. Contacts were deepened and friendships made at a group dinner in the centre of Graz.

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  • /images/events/2023-06-30-Special-Lecture-on-SME50/1.jpg

    Lecture on SME 5.0 at CMU

    By Manuel Woschank on Jun 30th, 2023

    As part of the SME5.0 project, Manuel Woschank was privileged to give a guest lecture at Chiang Mai University (June 30 2023), on the topic of Logistics 5.0 research and practice. Thereby, a special focus was placed on recent developments in 1) logistics process optimization, 2) smart logistics, and 3) sustainable logistics. Thank you very much for this great opportunity! .

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  • /images/events/2023-06-22-secondment-at-unibz/1.jpg

    Secondment at UNIBZ

    By Jan Pitel on Jun 22nd, 2023

    Mapping and analysing current requirements and future expectations in transition of SMEs towards digital business practices. Active attendance at ISIEA Symposium 2nd International Symposium on Industrial Engineering and Automation: Towards a Smart, Resilient and Sustainable Industry, held on 22nd-23rd June 2023, Bozen-Bolzano, Italy. The paper on 'Modularity effect on the manufacturing lead time of assembly processes' has been presented within the section 'Sustainable Operations and Supply Chains'.

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  • /images/events/2023-06-22-secondment/1.jpg


    By Vladimír Modrák on Jun 22nd, 2023

    Active attendance at ISIEA Symposium 2nd International Symposium on Industrial Engineering and Automation: Towards a Smart, Resilient and Sustainable Industry, held on 22nd-23rd June 2023, Bozen-Bolzano, Italy.

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  • /images/events/2023-06-22-unibz-tugraz-cooperation/1.jpg

    UNIBZ intensifies cooperation with TU Graz

    By Erwin Rauch on Jun 22nd, 2023

    On June 22 and 23, everything at the Bolzano campus revolves around the hot topic of 'Smart, Resilient and Sustainable Industry'. The 2nd edition of the International Symposium on Industrial Engineering and Automation (ISIEA 2023) brings together representatives from industry and research to share new technological opportunities and scientific findings; with keynote speeches from well-known companies such as Schaeffler Group and Loacker or international universities such as Graz University of Technology (Prof. Franz Haas, Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Economics). In the context of this event discussions further intensified the existing collaboration between the Free University of Bolzano and Graz Technical University in the area of research and teaching. The unibz research team had already involved TU Graz as Principal Investigator in the EU SME 5.0 project. The aim now is to further expand this fruitful cooperation, including by exploring and designing joint didactic offerings.

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  • /images/events/2023-06-20-sme50-project-video/1.jpg

    SME 5.0 project video online

    By Erwin Rauch on Jun 20th, 2023

    We proudly present our new SME 5.0 project video. The creation of the video was a collaboration of SME 5.0 consortium partners under the coordination of Chiang Mai University (CMU) in Thailand and Montanuniversität Leoben (MUL) from Austria. The following link shows the new video on YouTube channel explaining the context of Industry 5.0, the project objectives and goals. With 2 Interviews of Dr. Manuel Woschank from MUL and Dr. Poti Chaopaisarn from CMU. Here the link to the video:

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  • /images/events/2023-06-18-Lecture-on-SME50-MFU/1.jpg

    Lecture on SME 5.0 at MFU

    By Manuel Woschank on Jun 18th, 2023

    As part of the SME5.0 project, Manuel Woschank was privileged to give a guest lecture at Mae Fah Luang University (June 18 2023), on the topic of Logistics 5.0 research and practice. Thereby, a special focus was placed on recent developments in 1) logistics process optimization, 2) smart logistics, and 3) sustainable logistics. Thank you very much for this great opportunity!

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  • /images/events/2023-06-18-Special-Lecture-on-SME50/1.jpg

    Special Lecture on SME 5.0

    By Manuel Woschank on Jun 18th, 2023

    Corina Pacher and Manuel Woschank were pleased to conduct a workshop on the topic of opportunities, barriers, and requirements of future work in SMEs at Mae Fah Luang University as part of the SME5.0 secondment on Sunday, 18.06.2023. The results of the workshop will be analyzed using qualitative content analysis and published in a paper.

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  • /images/events/2023-06-08-SME50-successful-cooperation-collaboration/1.jpg

    SME5.0 - This is what successful cooperation and collaboration look like!

    By Manuel Woschank / Corina Pacher on Jun 8th, 2023

    The SME5.0 project focuses on the development of a strategic roadmap for increasing the competitiveness of SMEs in the areas of artificial intelligence, sustainability, and human-centeredness. Manuel Woschank from Montanuniversität Leoben and Corina Pacher from Technische Universität Graz are currently conducting research on these topics at CMU. Together with CMU Ass.-Prof. Korrakot Tippayawong, Assoc.-Prof. Sakgasem Ramingwong, Ass.-Prof. Wapee Manopiniwes, and Martin Tutko, further research topics are being developed.

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  • /images/events/2023-06-01-secondment/1.jpg


    By Vladimír Modrák on Jun 1st, 2023

    Conceptualization of a research paper with a working title Transition of SMEs Towards Digital Transformation: Current Requirements and Future Expectations.

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  • /images/events/2023-05-26-mul-professor-to-visit/1.jpg

    MUL Professor to visit LSP in Thailand

    By Sakgasem Ramingwong on May 26th, 2023

    On May 26, 2023, Professor Dr. Manuel Woschank and Ph.D. candiate Mr. Marcus Schlager, the first two secondees from Montanuniversitaet Leoben to Chiang Mai University, took chance to visit Nim See Seng Transport 1998 and Nim See Seng Cold Storage. The discussion was on the implementation of the automation to the labor intensive consolidation operation at the company. The company is also interested in New Energy Vehicle. Currently, three last mile vehicles were modified into purely Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV).

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  • /images/events/2023-05-25-Company-Visit-Nim-Transport/1.jpg

    Company Visit at Nim Transport

    By Manuel Woschank / Marcus Schlager on May 25th, 2023

    On 25.05.2023, Assoc.Prof. Dr. Sakgasem Ramingwong (CMU), Priv.-Doz. Dr. Manuel Woschank (MUL), Marcus Schlager (MUL) visited the Company Nim Transport as a starting point for a case study in the course of the SME5.0 project. During the meeting, the participants discussed the state-of-the art and possible benefits of digitization and automation in logistics and production in Thailand.

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  • /images/events/2023-05-25-secondment-at-endian-srl/1.jpg

    Secondment at Endian srl

    By Vladimír Modrák on May 25th, 2023

    Mapping and analysing current requirements and future expectations in transition of SMEs towards digital business practices.

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  • /images/events/2023-05-15-Secondment-Marcus-Schlager/1.jpg

    Secondment - Marcus Schlager (MUL to CMU)

    By Manuel Woschank / Marcus Schlager on May 15th, 2023

    On 15.05.2023, we were pleased to welcome Marcus Schlager from the Chair of Process Technology and Environmental Protection of the Montanuniversität Leoben (Prof. Markus Lehner) at the Engineering Department (Mechanical Engineering - Prof. Nakorn Tippayawong and Industrial Engineering - Prof. Korrakot Tippayawong). In the next three months, we will work together on topics of process-oriented improvement of sustainability strategies in the research project SME 5.0.

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  • /images/events/2023-05-12-cmus-thai-research-team/1.jpg

    CMU's Thai Research Team Concludes Project Secondment at Sweden's KTH

    By Rattapol Pinnaratip on May 12th, 2023

    A research team from Chiang Mai University (CMU), Thailand, recently completed a secondment at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Sweden. The team, which comprised members from the SMEs 5.0 Project, included Assistant Professors Salinee Santiteerakul, Assistant Professors Chawis Boonmee, Dr. Tinnakorn Phongthiya, and Dr. Rattapol Pinnaratip. They were hosted by their KTH counterparts from March 30th to May 12th, 2023. During this period, the teams engaged in a multitude of academic activities and initiated new collaborations, focusing on the themes of sustainability and resilience. The first two weeks were dedicated to introductory meetings and project planning. The CMU and KTH team members became familiar with each other's work and reached a consensus on the research activity plan, thereby establishing an action plan for the CMU team's duration in Sweden. In the third week, the KTH team invited the CMU team to attend the Sustainable Transformation Seminars spring 2023 series. The online seminar featured a presentation titled “X production systems: Enablers for sustainable transformation?” by Sara Linderson, an Industrial Ph.D. candidate at KTH-AstraZeneca. This event provided insights into the latest sustainable practices in large corporations, offering potential benefits to the sustainability practices of SMEs. During the fourth week, the teams accompanied KTH’s Associate Professor Jannicke Baalsrud Hauge to visited the smart factory laboratory of Scania in Södertälje. The researchers had insightful discussions with Scania representatives about the current and future technologies being developed at Scania's Smart Factory Lab. Additionally, the CMU team attended a networking event with the Industrial Transformation Platform researchers’ network at the KTH Stockholm campus. This gathering provided broader insights from multiple scholars and industry experts, contributing to a deeper understanding of the project's scope. On May 5th, 2023, KTH’s Assistant Professor Erik Flores Garcia and the CMU team held a meeting with a representative of the Mälardalen Industrial Technology Center AB (MiTC) in Eskilstuna, Sweden. They had fruitful discussions and exchanged information regarding industrial collaboration trends and research, leading to potential future collaborations. The final week of the secondment saw the CMU team attending a meeting at TSS under the RESPIRE program to learn about a new model of circular economy, sustainability, and resilience in business practice. Additionally, they contributed to a RESPIRE meeting. Assistant Professor Salinee Santiteerakul presented findings from the SMEs 4.0 project under the title “Digitalization at SMEs: Findings from a Study on Thai SMEs Industry 4.0 Readiness Assessment”, and Assistant Professor Chawis Boonmee discussed “Disaster Management in SMEs: Lessons Learned and Case Examples from Thailand”. The secondment concluded on May 12th, 2023, after which the CMU team will continue their contributions from their home base at CMU.

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  • /images/events/2023-05-11-respire-project-workshop/1.jpg

    RESPIRE Project Workshop

    By Salinee Santiteerakul on May 11th, 2023

    Objective: The RESPIRE Workshop Project aimed to rethink the management of unexpected events for creating resilient and sustainable production systems, with a focus on sharing knowledge, discussing current research, and exploring collaboration opportunities in the context of Industry 5.0. Agenda and Highlights: Morning Session at TSS: 10:00 - 10:30: Welcome and Introduction about RESPIRE by Ala & Zuhara. 10:30 - 12:00: TSS introduction and plant tour, providing insights into the company's operations and practices. Lunch at Restaurant: 12:00 - 13:00: Networking and informal discussions among participants. Afternoon Session at Conference Room: 13:00 - 14:00: Presentation of preliminary findings from an environmental assessment Master thesis work. 14:00 - 14:15: Break. 14:15 – 15:30: Presentations and discussions by visiting Thailand researchers from CMU: 'Digitalization at SMEs' - Findings from a study on Thailand SMEs on I4.0 readiness assessment by Salinee Santiteerakul. 'Disaster Management in SMEs' - Lessons learned and case examples from Thailand by Chawis Boonme. 15:30-16:00: Workshop Wrap-up and discussion on future steps. Outcomes: Enhanced understanding of strategies for managing unexpected events in production systems. Insights into the role of digitalization in SMEs and the importance of disaster management. Knowledge exchange between international researchers and industry professionals, fostering a collaborative approach to Industry 5.0.

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  • /images/events/2023-05-09-secondment/1.jpg


    By Jan Pitel on May 9th, 2023

    The main activities of the secondment at University of Malta: 1. Mapping and analysing the current requirements and future expectations of technologies and systems for empowering workers to increase the attractiveness of SME jobs. 2. Mapping and analysing the barriers to empowering workers with different abilities to increase their inclusion within SME jobs. 3. Several meetings were held with the university researchers on the topic Development of Smart and Sustainable Inclusive Workstations for Workers of Different Abilities.

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  • /images/events/2023-05-05-opening-event-noi-techpark/1.jpg

    SME 5.0 at Opening Event of NOI Techpark Bruneck

    By Erwin Rauch on May 5th, 2023

    The SME 5.0 project has been presented as one of the running projects of the new Sustainable Manufacturing Lab founded by Prof. Erwin Rauch of the Free University of Bolzano in Italy. At this open event the research team is illustrating the technical possibilities for a real-time monitoring of energy consumption using the example of a robotic workstation. The SME 5.0 project has been presented as one of the running projects of the new Sustainable Manufacturing Lab founded by Prof. Erwin Rauch of the Free University of Bolzano in Italy. At this open event the research team is illustrating the technical possibilities for a real-time monitoring of energy consumption using the example of a robotic workstation.

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  • /images/events/2023-05-05-visit-to-malardalen-industrial/1.jpg

    Visit to Mälardalen Industrial Technology Center (MiTC)

    By Chawis Boonmee on May 5th, 2023

    We visited the Mälardalen Industrial Technology Center (MiTC) at Eskilstuna, Sweden. We discussed SME 5.0 Project and other projects from MiTC.

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  • /images/events/2023-05-03-digitalized-industry-workshop/1.jpg

    Workshop: Exploring the Possibilities of Industry 5.0

    By Salinee Santiteerakul on May 3rd, 2023

    The Digitalized Industry workshop titled 'Exploring the Possibilities of Industry 5.0' was organized to delve into the evolving landscape of digitalization in the industry, mainly focusing on the transition from Industry 4.0 to Industry 5.0. This transition marks a shift towards prioritizing the human factor in the context of digital technologies, aiming to create more meaningful and sustainable industries.

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  • /images/events/2023-04-28-industrial-transformation-platform/1.jpg

    Industrial Transformation Platform Researchers Network

    By Salinee Santiteerakul on Apr 28th, 2023

    Attending the Industrial Transformation Platform Researchers Network at KTH Stockholm. Objective: The meeting aimed to foster networking among KTH researchers and professionals dedicated to sustainable and CO2-neutral business transformation. Overview: The Industrial Transformation Platform Researcher Network meeting provided a platform for interdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration. The event focused on sustainability, digitalization, innovation, and manufacturing, aligning with the goals of the SME 5.0 Project. Key Highlights: Networking Lunch: The event commenced with a networking lunch at Syster O Bror restaurant, facilitating informal discussions and connections among participants. Researcher of the Week Feature: Sara Linderson, an Industrial PhD candidate, was featured as the Researcher of the Week. Participants had the opportunity to contribute to this initiative, enhancing their visibility within the academic and industrial community. Interactive Discussions: Post-lunch, the event continued at KTH Innovation, where attendees engaged in discussions on various topics related to industrial transformation. These discussions were instrumental in sharing insights and perspectives from different fields. Opportunities for Collaboration: The event provided a unique opportunity for attendees to extend their research networks and explore potential collaborations, particularly in areas focusing on sustainability and digital transformation in manufacturing. Outcomes: Strengthened connections between researchers and professionals across different disciplines. Enhanced understanding of the challenges and opportunities in sustainable industrial transformation. Identification of potential areas for collaboration and research development within the SME 5.0 Project framework. Conclusion: The Industrial Transformation Platform Researcher Network meeting was a successful event, offering valuable opportunities for networking, knowledge exchange, and collaboration.

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  • /images/events/2023-04-25-smart-factory-lab-scania/1.jpg

    Factory Visit: Smart Factory Lab of SCANIA Södertälje

    By Salinee Santiteerakul on Apr 25th, 2023

    Objective: The visit aimed to explore the integration of emerging technologies in industrial processes and to understand the collaborative efforts between Scania's Smart Factory Lab and KTH University. Overview: Scania's Smart Factory Lab serves as an experimental hub for testing and implementing cutting-edge technologies in production and engineering. The lab focuses on the application of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and other emerging technologies to enhance manufacturing and collaborative processes. The lab is staffed by a multinational team of 15, including engineers, thesis workers, and trainees, dedicated to conducting trials and advancing technological integration in production. Key Highlights: Presentation on Collaboration: A detailed presentation was given on the ongoing collaboration between Scania's Smart Factory Lab and KTH University. This collaboration is a cornerstone of the lab's operations, emphasizing the importance of academic-industry partnerships in advancing technological applications in manufacturing. Role of Scania Staff in Academia: Scania staff members are actively involved in academic processes at KTH University. Their roles include guest lecturing and serving as co-advisors for both graduate and undergraduate student research. This involvement not only enriches the academic curriculum but also provides practical, industry-relevant insights to students. Interactive Sessions: Attendees had the opportunity to engage in interactive sessions, where they experienced firsthand the applications of digitalization technology in enhancing production processes. These sessions provided valuable insights into the practical aspects of technology integration in industrial settings. Discussion on Future Trends: The event also included discussions on future trends in smart manufacturing and the potential impact of emerging technologies on the industry. These discussions were instrumental in understanding the direction of technological advancement in manufacturing. Outcomes: Enhanced understanding of the practical application of digitalization technology in industrial processes. Insight into the successful collaboration between academia and industry, exemplified by the partnership between Scania and KTH University. Recognition of the importance of integrating emerging technologies in manufacturing to stay ahead in the competitive market. Conclusion: The visit to Scania's Smart Factory Lab was a fruitful experience, offering valuable insights into integrating emerging technologies in manufacturing and the importance of industry-academia collaboration. The learnings from this visit are expected to significantly contribute to the ongoing efforts and future direction of the SME 5.0 Project.

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  • /images/events/2023-04-20-small-businesses-big-steps/1.jpg

    Small businesses take big steps towards industry 5.0

    By Sergio Salimbeni on Apr 20th, 2023

    In the context of the Marie Curie SME 5.0 Project (A Strategic Roadmap Towards the Next Level of Intelligent, Sustainable and Human-Centered SMEs), Drs. Sergio Duilio Salimbeni, Director of the Industrial Engineering Degree and the Institute of Science and Technology belonging to the Faculty of Engineering and Jorge Mario Andreau, Director of the Research Institute of the Faculty of Psychology and Psychopedagogy, met in the Neuroscience Laboratory belonging to the latter. The idea of the meeting was to think about future collaborative research projects with a view to integrating various USAL resources in the context of this global project that brings together several universities from around the world.

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  • /images/events/2023-04-12-company-visit/1.jpg

    Company visit

    By Rungchat Chompu-inwai on Apr 12th, 2023

    During their secondment from 3rd April 2023 –18th May 2023 at the Free University of Bolzano, Rungchat Chompu-inwai and Trasapong Thaiupathump from Chiang Mai University, together with Professor Rauch Erwin and his students from the Free University of Bolzano visited the company 'GKN SINTER METALS' on April 12, 2023 from 1-5 pm. GKN SINTER METALS is the world's leading manufacturer of precision powder metal products, sintered structural parts, porous products and filters, sub-assemblies, soft magnetic components, and e-motor solutions. In addition to listening to information about the company from company executives, visitors to the company also got to see the production process in detail. However, visitors are not allowed to take photos inside the company.

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  • /images/events/2023-03-16-SME-50-Future-Cooperation-Meeting/1.jpg

    SME 5.0 Future Cooperation Meeting

    By Helmut Zsifkovits on Mar 16th, 2023

    On 16th and 17th of March 2023 a remarkable meeting took place in Stellenbosch. Prof. Otto Petrovic visited Prof. Helmut Zsifkovits who was on a secondment at Stellenbosch University at that time. Otto is Professor of Information Systems and Management at the University of Graz, Austria, and also a well-known athlete will more than 50 national championship titles in javelin throw, high jump, shot put, hammer throw and triple jump. He improved the Austrian record in javelin throw six times and won the title of Vice World Champion of Masters. Otto is still very active as a cyclist. He arrived from Cape Town by bike and continued for another 1000 km from the garden route back to Cape Town within the following week. His ride is documented in a book published in October 2023. Previous destinations of Otto’s bike tours include Bolivia, Chile, China, Siberia, Kyrgyzstan, Palestine, and Japan. Otto and Helmut had fruitful discussions about common projects and also met with the faculty of the Industrial Engineering Department at SU.

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  • /images/events/2023-03-15-sme50-yearly-reporting/1.jpg

    SME 5.0 yearly reporting

    By Yotsaphat Kittichotsatsawat on Mar 15th, 2023

    Meet Dr.-Ing. Manuel Woschank in order to consult about the SME 5.0 project. Visit the smart manufacturing and chair of industrial logistics laboratory of Montanuniversität Work on publications about the SME 5.0 project at the Montanuniversität laboratory based on the topic of “Improvement of coffee production performance via integrated lean and automated mechanization techniques” Work on publications about the SME 5.0 project at the Montanuniversität laboratory based on the topic of “Forecasting Arabica Coffee Yields by Auto-Regressive Integrated Moving Average and Machine Learning Approaches” Work on publications about the SME 5.0 project at the Montanuniversität laboratory based on the topic of” Development of product supply chain strategy using BMC and axiomatic design” Short video of the Interview MSCA Staff Exchange

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  • /images/events/2023-02-23-Lecture-Digital-supply-chains-Industry/1.jpg

    Lecture on Digital supply chains and Industry 5.0

    By Helmut Zsifkovits on Feb 23rd, 2023

    During his visit at Stellenbosch University in February 2023, Prof. Helmut Zsifkovits gave a lecture to the students in the course of Louis de Leuw. The presentation was titled was 'Digital supply chains and Industry 5.0'. The focus of the lecture was on trends and challenges in supply chains, the evolution of industry, technology enablers and the path towards a digital supply chain. After the presentation, there was a lively discussion with the students.

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  • /images/events/2023-02-16-attending-academic-conference/1.jpg

    Attending academic conference

    By Rungchat Chompu-inwai on Feb 16th, 2023

    Rungchat Chompu-inwai and Trasapong Thaiupathump from Chiang Mai University attended the 12th International Conference on Industrial Technology and Management which was held in Cambridge, United Kingdom on the February 16-18, 2023. The article is awaiting publication in Scopus. The article that was presented was "Applying Genetic Algorithm in ABC Analysis for Jewelry Raw Material Inventory Management". In this study, Genetic Algorithm was used in ABC Analysis for Jewelry Raw Material Inventory Management in the case study company which is a small jewelry company in Thailand. GA that accounts for multiple criteria in its fitness function evaluation was used in the classification process, in an attempt to find a solution that minimized the overall inventory cost of a gold tube inventory dataset belonging to a jewelry company in Thailand. The company under study needs these three groups to provide different inventory policies based on their importance.

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  • /images/events/2023-02-13-Secondment-to-Malta-University/1.jpg

    Secondment to Malta University

    By Matteo De Marchi on Feb 13th, 2023

    During the stay, two main endeavours has taken place: • Preliminarily testing of the proposed Digital twin reference architecture, to implement and validate it and to eventually refine eventual inconsistencies. • Explore the adoption of Augmented Reality as a technology to put in place a Human-Machine Interaction mode within the proposed architecture. To achieve the first goal of the project, a mobile training unit has been employed as starting point for the development of the case study. On top of the existing mobile training unit, a small-sized collaborative robot and a desktop 3D printer have been mounted. Thanks to this arrangement, I was able to design an exemplary work-cycle that foresee the 3D printer to produce a component, and the robot to detach it from the printing plate and extract it from the printing chamber. This cycle could be repeated as a continuous cycle. The proposed architecture previously developed in cooperation with Prof Chag-Tsun Li has been deployed here for the first time in its simplest form. It proved its validity in the efficient orchestration of tasks, and it proved its flexibility after the inclusion of an Augmented Reality application as an entity of the overall ecosystem. The collaboration led to the composition of a manuscript reporting the work done, in view of the inclusion of human being in Digital Twin applications, with an eye on the upcoming Industry 5.0 era. The article has been presented by Prof. Emmanuel Francalanza in the context of the 17th CIRP Conference on Intelligent Computation in Manufacturing Engineering, entitled 'A Digital Twin for SMEs in the Context of Industry 5.0'. The work done in the context of this secondment supports the development of DT technology withing SMEs by replicating a first use case that involves the inclusion of DT-oriented solutions, to simplify the sharing of data among heterogenous systems of physical and virtual entities. This represent a first step in the direction of standardized DT technology to be seamlessly adopted by SMEs, as well as from large industrial settings.

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  • /images/events/2023-02-03-respire-y2-w2-sme/1.jpg

    RESPIRE Y2 W2: SME resilience: sustainability and industry 5.0 (TSS)

    By Chawis Boonmee on Feb 3rd, 2023

    Guest lecturer in topic of Disaster management in SMEs, Lessons learned, case examples from Thailand

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  • /images/events/2023-01-05-secondment-at-deakin-university/2023-01-05-1.jpg

    Secondment at Deakin University

    By Matteo De Marchi on Jan 5th, 2023

    The Ph.D. Student of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano visited professor Chang-Tsun Li at the Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia, in January 2023. The cooperation between the two aimed at investigating how Digital Twin systems are affected by cybersecurity threats, and how these can be avoided or mitigated. The two produced a manuscript entitled "Reference Architecture for Cyber Secure Industrial Digital Twin Applications" has been submitted to the Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing and is currently under revision.

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  • /images/events/2022-11-17-presentation-of-the-project/1.jpg

    Presentation of the project results at the “4. Kärntner Logistiktag” of the “Bundesvereinigung Logistik Österreich“

    On Nov 17th, 2022

    On Thursday, November 17, 2022, Manuel Woschank presented the results of the project SME 4.0 at the “4. Kärntner Logistiktag” of the “Bundesvereinigung Logistik Österreich“ at the University of Klagenfurt. During this presentation, the new EU project SME5.0 was also introduced to the audience.

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  • /images/events/2022-07-12-sme-50-project-proposal/1.jpg

    SME 5.0 project proposal receives funding

    On Jul 12th, 2022

    We are very pleased to inform that our proposal for the SME 4.0 follow-up project "SME 5.0" application has been positively assessed by the European Commission and will be funded. We look forward to working together in a global network of experts over the next four years to ride the wave towards smarter, more sustainable, and human-centric manufacturing in SMEs.

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